Timber Drying

Our Company

We are the leading manufacturers Rubber wood furniture both domestic and foreign markets. Also we are specialized in Teak and Mahogany furniture. Rubber wood and Mahogany wood should be properly kiln dried. Unless processed rubber wood is properly kiln dried, the guarantee on the wood is actually not valid. This mandatory requirement enabled us to acquire high skills in timber drying.

Our Facilities

We have large drying rooms’ facilities to dry up to 1000 cubic feet at once. The 3-pass wood fire boiler is one of the most environmentally friendly boiler system’s which is in the market. This consumes saw dust, wood shavings and wood off cuts from the furniture factory for generating over tons of steams per hour. From a low input such as saw dust and off cuts this boiler generates a high output of stream.

Our Service

We can kiln dry your timber stock of practically in any dimension. It would be necessary for you to deliver the goods to us and the way back transport could be arranged at our end depending on the location.

How it will help you

Wet timber (not kiln dried) tends to shrink when the moisture is lost to the atmosphere. Timber shrinkage causes irreparable damage to the finished items such as furniture, doors, windows and floorage. Therefore architects and engineers always advise you to kiln dry the timber before machining.


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Additional Facility

In case if you want to get your timber chemically treated with boron based chemicals, this service too can be provided.